Danish labor market is booming

Aug 3, 2021 NEWS

The Danish labor market has really caught up again, after a hectic period of time caused by the covid-19 pandemic. Unemployment is low and now close to the level before the pandemic.

Lately, we have felt that directly as a recruitment agency, as it has become even more difficult to find the right competences and qualified candidates for companies than earlier. Companies are experiencing this as well.

What does this mean for you – and how are you supposed to react?

As it has become more difficult to find qualified candidates in Denmark, it is more relevant than ever before to loosen some of the nationality requirements.

“We have to be open for international candidates – that we actually already have in our society” says Christian Behrenthz Guldhammer, Business Unit Manager at NQR.

Speaking Danish fluently still is a requirement at many companies. This means that a lot of Engineers are having difficulties joining organizations in Denmark.

Generally speaking, Denmark is an attractive country for a lot of foreigners. Take advantage of this, look for candidates abroad and strengthen the diversity in your teams!

We have to be open for international candidates
– that we actually already have in our society.

Christian Behrenthz Guldhammer, Business Unit Manager at NQR

Diversity among the employees

Diversity is valuable for and actually quite important for the development of your business.

Adding different nationalities and personalities to the organization creates different points of views and new and innovative ideas / ways of thinking.

If you start being innovative in the ways of hiring, it will benefit you in the long run.

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Life Science start-ups are booming & larger companies are growing

A lot of companies and industries have experienced challenges during the pandemic. But it has been totally opposite for many companies within the Life Science-industry (which may be obvious for some people, as it is a “Life-crisis”.)

A lot of start-up companies have been born during the pandemic, and a lot of investments have been made. Together with the larger companies the tart-ups are booming and growing. This means that there will be an even bigger demand for managers & specialists on the labor market in the life science industry.

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ByChristian Behrenthz Olesen

Business Unit Manager (+45) 43 31 00 74

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