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Aug 17, 2021 NEWS

Are you limited on ressources? Then chances are that you won’t have a successful recruitment if you engage it on your own. This is where recruitment agencies come into the picture. Outsource your recruitment process to Nordic Quality Recruitment (NQR). Then you can focus on what you do best in your current role.

Outsource your recruitment

We’re experienced in structuring the process. We’ll make sure that all relevant candidates are being contacted for the specific vacancy. We give rejections in good time, and personal feedback for candidates that have been in process.

Most importantly, you will be experiencing another level of candidates when collaborating with us. We are some of the best searchers & headhunters in the country.

We will contact all relevant candidates will for the specific vacancy. We’re also creative and thinking a bit outside of the box and we are challenging status quo.

Why collaborate with Nordic Quality Recruitment?

By choosing NQR as your recruitment partner, you will be teaming up with an agency:

  • That has a wide-ranging network within the life science- & food industry.
  • Where our Consultants have solely been working within search & selection – human interaction is in our blood.
  • That is personal.
  • Where warranties are always included in our services.

Attention from a smaller company

NQR is a smaller and local agency. This makes us more flexible than the larger international organizations, who typically have restrictions when being a franchise.

We collaborate with you and agree on the terms and the way that we collaborate. Every client (small & big) is important to us.


Collaborator rather than a supplier

We differ from other agencies by offering a collaborator-point of view rather than a supplier-point of view. Nobody knows your company better than yourselves, so we are not going to educate you there.

Of course, you are also to collaborate with us to reduce your ressource-spend. But we would like for you to participate in the process and work on shortlists together.

Maybe you’ve experienced processes where just 1-2 candidates were presented to you. Candidates whom you already know or have interviewed before. This is why we would like to include you earlier in the process of choosing which candidates to proceed with.

Physical and/or virtual “catch-up” and “candidate discussion” meetings are standard with us. Together, we will reach the goal!

Don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you are looking for a recruitment partner within blue color positions in Industrial and tech-companies then we recommend reaching out to our partner ScanPeople

ByChristian Behrenthz Olesen

Business Unit Manager (+45) 43 31 00 74

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