Social Responsibility

At Nordic Quality Recruitment we feel the importance of showing social responsibility about local and international project.

Because we care, we have chosen to support following projects, together with our partners, Scanavo A/S and ScanPeople ApS:

Christmas Help 2020 

Nordic Quality Recruitment’s sister company, Scanavo A/S is participating this year in the Danish People’s Aid and EkstraBladet’s Business Panel, which is responsible for the collection for Christmas Aid 2020.
In addition, NQR has, in collaboration with ScanPeople, also donated DKK 5,000.00 to this good cause, to make a difference for poor children’s Christmas.
Thousands of children in Denmark are not looking forward to Christmas Eve. Christmas food and Christmas presents are a luxury which their mother or father cannot afford. They know that well. Therefore, they have not written a wish list as their classmates might have.
By supporting the collection, you can give poor families with children in Denmark a merry Christmas.
All contributions goes exclusively to Christmas Aid. For every DKK 1,500 that is collected, a poor family with children can get Christmas food and Christmas presents for the children.

Danmarks Indsamling 2018
Nordic Quality Recruitment social responsibilities

In 2017, NQR has, together with our partners Scanavo and ScanPeople chosen to support Danmarks Indsamling.
Once a year, 12 humanitarian organizations and DR come together and collect to help people in some of the world’s poorest countries achieve the UN Development Goals. There are 17 goals, all of which contribute to the sustainable development of the world. Goal number 2 is to stop hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture.
Read about the whole project here

Save the Children

Save the Children’s vision is a world where every child’s right to participation, survival, development, and protection is realized.
The mission of Save the Children is to ensure the immediate and lasting improvement in the lives of vulnerable children and to fight for positive changes in the way the world treats children.
Read more about Save the Children at

Denmark Plants Trees
Nordic Quality Recruitment social responsibilities

In cooperation with Scanavo and ScanPeople, NQR has chosen to support “Denmark Plants Trees” with 5000 trees.
With ‘Denmark plants trees’, TV 2 and the Danish Society for Nature Conservation will engage Danes to make a difference to the climate.
More trees are a necessary contribution to combating our carbon footprint, as the trees collect and store CO2, which is a threat to our climate.
Read more about the project here: Denmark Plants Trees

Team Rynkeby 2019

Team Rynkeby is a European charity cycling team that cycles to Paris every year to raise money for children with critical illnesses and their families.
Today, Team Rynkeby consists of 2,100 exercise bike riders and 500 helpers divided into 54 local teams. They come from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Germany.
See more about the project here: Team Rynkeby

Families with children with cancer

NQR supports, together with ScanPeople a child with cancer incl. the family who will participate in summer events, Bla. Circus ARENA, Siblings Weekend, LEGOLAND, Dyrehavsbakken, etc.
The trips gives the child a break from the hospitals and the opportunity to be with the family under other conditions. The child can be a child for one day.
Families with children with cancer are Denmark’s largest voluntary patient association for children between the ages of 0 – 17 who suffer from cancer.
They make trips and arrangements for the children when they are healthy enough in their course of treatment to participate. It ranges from Tivoli trips, fishing trips, Randers Rainforest, etc. They make 40-50 events for the children every year. Of course, it is not something that cures them, but it provides some happy and life-affirming experiences in an otherwise difficult time and treatment period.

Are you further interested in NQR’s social responsibility? Do you have any interest in knowing how we might be able to support your project? Then please don’t hesitate contacting NQR.

Showing social responsibility

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