Sustainability & CSR

At Nordic Quality Recruitment we want to contribute to more sustainability through sustainable development, growth, and results through our work with people.

That is why we have a sustainability strategy with an action plan, developed together with our partner, ScanPeople. During the next couple of years, NQR will strive to follow it in everything we do.

Nordic Quality Recruitment works with sustainable development from a CSR-plan (Corporate Social Responsibility.)

UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals

We use UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a guideline for always working with sustainability.

ScanPeople has chosen 6 specific goals to work with, and NQR naturally follows their work with these. However we, at Nordic Quality Recruitment, have chosen just 4 of the 6. Being a collaborator to ScanPeople we of course have focus on all 6 goals. However we believe, with the 4 goals we have chosen, to work even more thorough with the goals.

Our plan is build on ScanPeoples plan, with adjusted visions and goals.

NQR’s 4 goals

Goal 3: Good health and well-being

Nordic quality Recruitment wants a healthy existence both mentally and physically for our employees, partners and local community.

Nordic Quality Recruitment, sustainability, good health and well-being

Our goal is to ensure healthy, happy, satisfied and committed employees, maintain a high retention of employees, reduce attrition and secure a long and well life for everybody.

  1. The occupational health and safety representative from ScanPeople also has the responsibility at NQR, and yearly surveys are held along with employee development planning conversations and workplace assessments. Subjects and questions must be varied.
  2. NQR’s staff handbook, which includes all internal politics, shall be handed out to every colleague when employed.
  3. Mental and physical illnesses are taken into account. The management’s door is always open and a solution that suits both parties will always be found.
  4. Employees respect and support each other and the management sets a good example. If you do not experience this, then make the management aware about it, so problems can be taken care of, and solutions can be found. 
  5. Focus on socializing, through yearly events, parties, teambuilding days, lunch brakes with your colleagues and an open office environment.
  6. Ventilated offices at least twice a day. It’s possible to eat outside, and go for a walk to get fresh air, which many employees take advantage of, several employees also like to bike or walk to and from work.
  7. NQR will help employees to sit in ergonomically correct working positions so that injuries are reduced. All have a raising / lowering table. Employees should encourage each other to make use of this.
  8. Participation in activities, or likewise will be financial supported or supported through sponsored sportswear. In addition, local sports associations and healthy initiatives are supported. See which ones here: NQR supports.
  9. NQR chose our clients with care and set requirements for physical and mental work environment, so good working terms for candidates are ensured. 
Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

NQR must secure a positive growth with focus on sustainability through process optimization, innovation and new technology as well as offering decent jobs on equal terms. We must live up to our slogan ”NEVER COMPROMISE.”

Nordic Quality Recruitment, sustainability, decent work and economic growth

Our goal is to run NQR responsibly and sustainable as well as creating persistent and innovative growth and hereby more job opportunities. Employees and temps must feel respected and be employed on competitive terms, both at NQR and at our clients and we must strive for diversity in candidates.

  1. Yearly surveys are held along with employee development planning conversations and workplace assessments. Subjects and questions must be varied.
  2. Every employee follows the internal staff handbook, which includes all internal politics that contributes to decent jobs.
  3. NQR must focus on helping the youth to get employed, by offering internships and study jobs along with relevant education.
  4. NQR strives for a diverse shortlist of candidates. We focus on presenting candidates that separates from each other. We focus on personality, competencies, and dedication rather that gender, age, background, ethnicity etc. 
  5. NQR must pay attention to optimization of internal and external processes, to ensure higher quality of work.
  6. NQR considers clients and candidates, as partners – together we will reach the very best results. 
  7. NQR must select in clients and set up requirements for their terms and environments. Internal and external partners partners must understand and live up to our core values.
  8. We must secure quality jobs and avoid unprofessional situations and disappointed temps/candidates through clear procedures during the cooperation with clients. A good and regularly communication is needed. We will contribute to economic growth, by continuing to make more job openings and assist clients with durable employment solutions, so our clients also can continue their growth.
Goal 4: Quality education

We will contribute educating people across gender, age, ethnicity etc. Employees must be further educated if it makes sense, as well as informed about and trained in our sustainability processes.

Nordic Quality Recruitment, sustainability, quality education

Our goal is to have motivated employees with improved skills as well as safe and satisfied employees and customers, to maintain a high and always qualified level of service, always being ready for tomorrow’s challenges and hereby securing the future of the company in a sustainable way, staying competitive.

  1. Interns and new employees must receive thorough and qualified training in the job, in ScanPeople, in IT-systems etc. through agreed procedures, plans and sufficient time set aside by those responsible. The procedures must be followed and evaluated.
  2. New employees can be offered relevant courses, as a part of the training in advantage for the the company as well as for clients and candidates. This can contribute to a professional cooperation.
  3. Financial support, and support within time and commitment must be given if an employee wish for a course, an education og likewise, which is relevant for the employee’s skills, position and development at Nordic Quality Recruitment. 
  4. Every employee’s ‘basics’ in the job must be in place, so that new employees will not repeat bad habits after the training. 
  5. Finished assignments, cases and client-/candidate relationships must be evaluated. This will encourage employees to keep doing the good things and learn from the less good things.
  6. Every employee must receive training in NQR’s sustainability politic.
Goal 10: Reduced inequalities

NQR must contribute in reducing inequality between genders and minorities. We must strengthen the diversity, and benefit from each other’s differences.

Nordic Quality Recruitment, sustainability, reduced inequality

Our goal is to employ, based on attitude, skills and opportunities, act on every type of discrimination – no one, whom we are in touch with shall feel discriminated, all must feel included and appreciated – and to have concrete politics, which every employee can vouch for and act from.

  1. Employments based on the candidate’s attitude, and their opportunities for personal and professional development. Every employee should remind their colleague about this.
  2. Every employee and partner must be treated equivalent and with respect for one another’s special needs.
  3. We must ensure a safe environment among the employees and every employees worklife. An open communication between employees and management is necessary in order to solve challenges regarding inequality fast and in the best way possible. 
  4. Employees should feel obligated to point out problems regarding any sort of inequality and contribute with their ideas to strengthen the diversity.
  5. Every employee must receive support and respect no matter gender, age, background, ethnicity etc. They must have the courage to stand up for themselves and their believes and be included in relevant negotiations, decisions, and conflict resolutions. 
  6. We actively supports actions which gives disadvantaged a better and more fair chance to succeed. Support is given to organisations and individuals in and outside of Denmark. 
  7. Our consultants are obligated to encourage clients not to select in candidates based on gender, age, ethnicity etc. We will without doubt deselect clients if we can’t meet their opinions on equality.

Feel free to contact our head of CSR and Sustainability, for further information about our sustainability plan.

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