Nordic Quality Recruitment - Privacy Policy (GDPR)

1.0 Clients and partners

Personal Data Regulation under GDPR (EU 2016/679)

Nordic Quality Recruitment ApS only processes and archives ordinary personal data and only if this data has a purpose in connection with a trade, an inquiry or a consultation.

We do not process or archive personal data in the sensitive kind.

Your regular personal data is archived by Nordic Quality Recruitment ApS for 5 years, after which they are deleted. Personal data that is no longer used is deleted. Personal data that is not correct will be corrected.

Everyone has the right to be informed of what personal data Nordic Quality Recruitment ApS has stored. You also has the right to have their personal data corrected and even have their own personal data deleted at Nordic Quality Recruitment ApS unless it violates Nordic Quality Recruitment ApS legitimate interest or legal obligation according to article EU 2016/679.

You have the right to complain to the Data Inspectorate at if Nordic Quality Recruitment ApS does not fulfill its duty of information within 30 days.

  • The personal data we have registered:
  • Company address
  • E-mail
  • Job title
  • Name
  • Mobile phone number
  • Work phone number

2.0 GDPR for job seekers and temporary workers

We emphasize great importance in processing your data in a secure and confidential manner. It is our goal and intention to give you the best possible insight into how we process your data.

When you apply for a job through Nordic Quality Recruitment ApS and register in our job-bank and resume database, you must give us your permission. We call this “Consent”. The statement of consent states that you have voluntarily authorized us to process your data. You can read how we do this in the statement of consent.

Should you find that there are errors in our processing, please contact us so we can get it corrected. If you are in doubt or should you have any questions about our GDPR, you are always welcome to contact us.

3.0 Definition of processing

By processing of data we imply:


a. Data is registered in our IT-system.


a. We correct and add data to our IT-system.

b. We search through your data.

c. We send confirmations to clients who are included in your data.

d. We print parts of your data.

e. We transfer parts of your data to our pay- and finance systems.

f. We use parts of your data for statistics and other reports.


a. We store your data in our system and possibly on paper.

b. We store your data in our back-up systems.

4.0 Purpose of GDPR

You own the right to your data and you must give us permission and thus the right to process your data. You do this by approving this statement of consent.

The purpose of processing your data is so we can find jobs and vacancies that fit your requirements, wishes, and qualifications. Furthermore, we must be able to calculate and pay wages to you when you are sent to work for our clients.

Our processing of your data thus serves this purpose, and we only process data that is relevant for this.

5.0 Types of data

Depending on jobs and vacancies, we process the following types of data in our systems

Common data.

a. Name, address, phone number, e-mail and so on.

Confidential data.

a. CPR-number, social security number, pay- and financial matters, tax, sick days, service time, family relationship, social standings, criminal records, and child certificates and so on. 

Sensitive data.

a. Union, possibly health conditions.


6.0 How long do we store data

By default, we store your data as long as you give us permission to.

I.e. when you give us your consent, your data will be stored until you wish to withdraw your consent.

Your data will thus continuously be included in our searches for possible candidates for jobs and vacancies.

Should we not succeed in finding and offering you different job opportunities, we will eventually contact you in order to determine whether you still want us to process your data in our system.

If we succeed in finding a vacancy or permanent job which you in turn accept, we will have to create some payment terms as part of your data, and we will thus have to save your data as documentation for a minimum of 5 years after last employment.

When we no longer need to keep your data stored, or you have actively wanted to be removed from the system, one of the following actions will be taken:

If you have not had a job with us then all your data in the system will be deleted and you will forever be forgotten in our system.

If you have had a job, we will have to save and store your data for at least 5 years. Then, if / when you want it, we will anonymize you in the system. This means that we will delete all your data and you will be anonymized with a new arbitrary number. Then you will forever be forgotten in our system.

7.0 GDPR – Your rights

It is important that you know your rights regarding our GDPR and your data being stored in our system. You can read about your rights below.

7.1 The right to insight

You always have the right to be informed of what data we register and process concerning you. You just have to contact us. We will then give you access to all the data we have stored and processed regarding you.

7.2 The right to be forgotten

You always have the right to withdraw your consent and thus be deleted or anonymized in our system. Simply contact us, and we will investigate whether you can be deleted or anonymized. We then initiate the process in order to delete or anonymize you in our system.

7.3 The right to correct your data

In the events that we have registered incorrect information about you, you always have the right to have these corrected or deleted. You do this by contacting us, and we will make sure that the data is corrected.

7.4 The right to receive a copy of your data

If you wish, you can get a file with all the metadata regarding you from our system. You must contact us, and we will make sure that you can download a file with your data via our web interface.

8.0 Who processes your data

Our employees and data processors have access to your data and are therefore subject to confidentiality clauses. Our employees and data processors can by default see all your data in our system.

When you accept a job or a vacancy, we send some of your data to our clients. We do this so that the client can see who you are and thus recognize you when you show up at work. The data, that we send to a customer in connection with a job or a vacancy, is as follows:

  • First name, gender and profile picture.
  • Surname (potentially).
  • Your address (potentially).
  • Your age (potentially).
  • Potentially your qualifications, resume, and application.

When you have worked for us and are thus entitled to pay, we will, by nature, transfer relevant data to our payment system and thus also send parts of your data to SKAT and other authorities. This is mandatory by law and thus does not require your consent.

8.1 Transmission of your data

We never transmission your data to other persons, companies, authorities or systems other than those described in this statement of consent. Should the situation arise where it is necessary to transmission your data, you will always be informed thereof.

9.0 Data

Your data is stored in our IT system which is hosted on servers located in Denmark. Your data will thus always be in Denmark and rules for processing will therefore also be subject to Danish law.

9.1 Backup

We regularly backup all your data and store these. Should our operating system break down, we always have a copy of your latest data, which is at maximum 24 hours old.

10.0 Statement of consent

This declaration of consent may be amended.

Should we change our GDPR and how we process your data, or if we otherwise update this GDPR statement of consent, you will always be asked for a new consent and by default, you will always have the right to reject this and thus be deleted or anonymized in our system. Our statement of consent is controlled by versions, and you can always see which version you have approved and when.

11.0 Contact

If you have any questions regarding GDPR, you are always welcome to contact us.

In this case, contact our GDPR & Data Protection Coordinator Emilie Mærsk-Hansen on phone: 43 31 00 54 or by e-mail:

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